Episode 20: Outstanding User Interfaces with David Granjon

Episode 20 of the Shiny Developer series is here! As someone who has authored many production grade Shiny applications, I have come to realize that sophisticated backend functionality is not the only area one needs to address, it is also the end-user experience and how the application is presented. I am thrilled to welcome back David Granjon to the Shiny Developer Series to discuss the journey and key topics addressed in his brand-new textbook Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny! Plus David leads us through a comprehensive demonstration of amazing new capabilities of the awesome bs4Dash package, part of the RinteRface project. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Episode Timestamps

0:00 Episode Introduction
3:47 What’s new in RinteRface
4:43 Demo of {bs4Dash}
24:09 David’s new book: Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny
38:15 Creating custom dashboard templates
43:53 Moving away from renderUI using custom handlers, and why you should manage content with handlers
46:50 Shiny UI advice, tips for balancing UX with backend performance of the app
54:40 Episode wrapup

David Granjon
Shiny consultant & developer
Eric Nantz
Creator & Host
Curtis Kephart
Community Lead