Episode 19: Climbing the Ladder of Shiny Mastery with Hadley Wickham

A brand new season of the Shiny Developer Series kicks off with RStudio’s chief scientist Hadley Wickham! Hadley joins Eric in episode 19 to discuss his exciting new book, Mastering Shiny. As author of many Tidyverse packages and long time contributor to the data science community, he has poured his wealth of experience into this book dedicated to helping you become a better Shiny developer. We talk about the origins of Shiny and advice for those just starting out. For those already familiar with Shiny we discuss debugging, how to level up your skills, and best practices for seeking help and contributing to the community.

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Episode Timestamps

0:00 Episode introduction

2:05 Hadley’s involvement with Shiny’s early development

5:22 Writing Mastering Shiny

8:30 Shiny touches on data analysis alongside software engineering and programming

12:41 Best ways to get started with Shiny

14:53 Value of tidy evaluation with Shiny

19:41 Importance & challenge of reactivity

24:30 Getting help with Shiny

28:43 Becoming a better Shiny developer and collaborator

33:51 Shiny community engagement

38:12 Where to find Mastering Shiny

40:01 How to level-up your skills as a Shiny developer

41:53 Recap and closing remarks

Hadley Wickham
Chief Scientist
Eric Nantz
Creator & Host
Curtis Kephart
Community Lead