Episode 18: Tanya Cashorali

In episode 18 of the Shiny Developer Series, we chat about how Shiny has brought significant value to projects of all scales with the founder of TCB Analytics Tanya Cashorali! You will see hands-on demonstrations of applications Tanya built to achieve rapid prototypes and production-level dashboards ready for customers across a wide range of industries. We also hear Tanya’s advice on development techniques and which skills she recommends developers level up with. I hope you enjoy this excellent episode!

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Episode Timestamps

0:00 Episode introduction

7:50 As a consultant, how do you see Data Scientist create value for their team?

9:20 Data scientist provide a lot more value when you bring them on early.

11:50 On rapid prototyping

14:50 Demo 1: Sports Innovation Lab - Anomaly Detection

21:45 Demo 2: Rapid Blood Testings - Monitoring Streaming Alerts

28:40 Advice for people that need to integrate Shiny with different systems.

31:30 Arrow is fast and makes connecting with other systems easy.

36:00 Demo 3: Study Tracking for Life Sciences firm - Show deviations by study.

40:47 On the practical side, how do you work as a consultant with teams who hire you?

42:20 Suggestions for finding or leveling up the skills of shiny developers on a team?

45:05 What is your ideal way to build a shiny app?

51:15 Advice for people looking to become freelance shiny developers.

52:40 Advice for folks getting more involved with Shiny development, jobs, or learning more.

55:30 Episode conclusion

Tanya Cashorali
Shiny Consultant and Entrepreneur
Eric Nantz
Creator & Host
Curtis Kephart
Community Lead