Episode 14: Shining a Light on learnr (Barret Schloerke Part 3)

We conclude our multi-part series with RStudio software engineer Barret Schloerke with an in-depth look at the learnr package and how Shiny plays a huge role in powering the many features and extensibility available! Barret walks us through two showcases of learnr in action with the RStudio primer tutorials as well as the eye-catching naniar missing values tutorial by Allison Horst. Plus we get a preview of the great features coming up in the next release, and advice for Shiny developers looking to bring their skills to the next level.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Episode Timestamps

0:00- Episode Introduction 0:48- Introduction to learnr 2:10- Examples of learnr tutorials, rstudio.com/learn/primers 5:26- A very nice learnr tutorial example from Alison Horst 7:10- Getting started with learnr 9:10- {sortable} for questions that require ranking/sorting questions. 12:40 - Working on multi-language support. Including SQL, Python, and more. 14:16 - Advice for Shiny users 18:34 - Episode wrap-up

Barret Schloerke
Software Engineer
Eric Nantz
Creator & Host
Curtis Kephart
Community Lead