Episode 24: Illustrating the MyPaintings Masterpiece

By The Shiny Dev Series Team

November 12, 2021

In episode 24 of the Shiny Developer Series, we kick off a series of episodes that spotlight amazing Shiny applications submitted in the 2021 RStudio Shiny Contest! David Barkemeyer joins Eric to uncover the technical achievements and design philosophy of his myPaintings application, complete with many innovative capabilities that greatly enhance the user experience and backend infrastructure. Throughout the episode, you will hear David’s perspectives on effective techniques to manage application state, integration of custom javascript, and much more!

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Episode Timestamps

00:00:00 Episode Introduction
00:03:24 How David got started with R & Shiny
00:05:40 Introduction to myPaintings
00:24:15 Infinite scroll feature
00:30:22 Design UI & UX of myPaintings
00:34:15 User management & helper functions
00:46:51 Overall app & file organization
00:49:28 Using .values to store & update user state and environment
00:53:40 R6 classes as another option
01:00:20 Recap and conclusion