Episode 6: shinyjqui and advanced user interfaces

Recording of RStudio webinar: Advanced user interfaces and use cases of shinyjqui with Yang Tang

Introduction to {bs4Dash}!

David Granjon demonstrates how to create a feature-rich Shiny application with {bs4Dash}!

Episode 5: shinysense and custom javascript visualizations

Recording of RStudio webinar: Exploring the power of custom javascript and shinysense with Nick Strayer!

Episode 4: The RinteRface packages for production-ready Shiny UI

Recording of RStudio webinar: Highlights of {bs4Dash}, {shinydashboardPlus}, and more with David Granjon!

Hands-on demonstration of {golem}!

Colin Fay demonstrates how to create a new Shiny application from scratch with {golem}!

Episode 3: {googleAnalyticsR} and Linking Shiny to Complex APIs

How Shiny is a first-class citizen in {googleAnalyticsR} and beyond!

Episode 2: {golem} and Effective Shiny Development Methods

Recording of RStudio webinar with Colin Fay & Curtis Kephart

Episode 1: Shiny Development - Past and Future

Recording of RStudio webinar with Winston Chang & Curtis Kephart

Episode 0: Launch!