Episode 27: Peeling back the curtain of Movie Vue R (Part 2)

Revealing the cast of R bindings to Vue.js powering Movie Vue R with Kent Russell and Herman Sontrap!

Episode 26: Peeling back the curtain of Movie Vue R (Part 1)

Go behind the (gorgeous) scenes of the Movie Vue R app with Herman Sontrap and Kent Russell!

Episode 25: Colin Fay is back!

The journey to production in more ways than one!

Episode 24: Illustrating the MyPaintings Masterpiece

How David Barkemeyer crafted his MyPaintings application for the 2021 Shiny contest!

Episode 23: Tales of Shiny in production with Pedro Silva

Applying Shiny to high-profile projects and production application development advice with Appsilon's Pedro da Silva!

Episode 22: A fresh coat of Shiny theming with Carson Sievert

Going behind the new Shiny theming toolchain with RStudio software engineer Carson Sievert!

Episode 21: Shiny App Stories with Nick Strayer

How the new Shiny App Stories came to life with Nick Strayer

Episode 20: Outstanding User Interfaces with David Granjon

Major updates to {bs4Dash} and an inside look at the only Shiny textbook dedicated solely to user interfaces!

Episode 19: Climbing the Ladder of Shiny Mastery with Hadley Wickham

The origins of Mastering Shiny and key advice from the architect of the Tidyverse!

Episode 18: Tanya Cashorali

How Shiny brings real value from prototyping to production with Tanya Cashorali!